Affinity Tutors School Tuition

Children and young people can grow, develop and learn with our online tutoring platform. Our UK-based, specialist tutors will help students to achieve their potential via an online tutor room or in the classroom.

Schools can be confident that our experienced tutors will offer friendly teaching and support to help students reach their goals and give them the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed. 

Affinity Tutors School Tuition

Why Affinity Tutors?

A range of courses

From primary level to GCSE and A-level courses, we have a range of subjects available for pupils in primary and secondary education.

User-friendly technology

Our online classrooms are very user-friendly. Our tutors use video chat, interactive whiteboards and provide online resources.

Individual learning

You can choose a tutor based on their specialism, experience and availability and who you believe will be a good match for them.


Our online sessions are flexible so you can book the tutoring sessions to fit around you.


The system is fully secure and all user activity is tracked. 

Group Sessions

Tutors can take either one-to-one or group sessions, dependent on requirements. 

Experienced Tutors

All of tutors have extensive skills with an enhanced DBS and up-to-date knowledge of the curriculum.  

Why Affinity Tutors?

Available Courses

Primary Key Stage 1

Our tutors provide tuition in maths, English and science to give you extra support to achieve your SATs.  

Primary Key Stage 2

Our tutors provide tuition in maths, English and science to give you a helping hand.